Delusional politicians

Sometimes I really do wonder how politicians in Northern Ireland can be so lacking in leadership qualities that they don’t even realise that the announcement of the Comprehensive Spending Review is not negotiable. The sums of money announced by George Osborne on October 20th are not going to change just because Mssrs Robinson and McGuinness are “seeking a meeting” with the Prime Minister. Rather than whinge about the settlement, why not start to do something constructive? Why not actually use the CSR announcement as the starting point for refashioning Northern Ireland and its scloretic economy into somewhere that has a 21st Century economy based on collaboration, on innovation and on seeking to challenge conventional thinking? One thing is for sure – as much as the construction industry would like to believe that innovative thinking in that sector will be its saviour, it’s certainly not going to admit that construction and property were to blame for the economic crash as much as the banks were, so why should I expect Northern Ireland’s leaders to do anything constructive?

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